Budge Final Horizontal.png

We're Budge now!

We've grown up and moved away.

We are no longer using the Medean name and branding.

If you're a current customer, your account will not be affected in any way. Questions? Support@BudgeMoney.com or view our FAQ below.

FAQ on our rebrand to Budge

Why the change?

When we put our heads together, we realized that we had evolved past our original goal of building innovative tools to provide insight and help people keep track of their money. Using gamification and social comparisons, we accomplished A LOT! Customers were saving over $300 a month completing achievements. We since realized that our vision has gone beyond the initial brand and identity of Medean, and have decided to update our branding and product to reflect those changes.

What do you need to do?

If you use automatic updates, the app should have already changed names from Medean to Budge on your device. If you don't use automatic updates, you'll need to manually update the application in the App Store or Play Store.  

What's changing?

The first release of Budge is very similar to the latest version of Medean. The main difference is it under our new branding, colors, and icons. Your account username, password, and linked accounts will all remain the same.


What's on the way?

We have some amazing new features and products that will be launched in the next couple of months with Budge. We are keeping some of the details private for now, but you can join our beta program below to get early access. Hint: a savings account that allows you to grow your interest rate by completing achievements.


Want a sneak peek?

Click here if you would like to join our beta and be one of the first users to test our new savings product.