Frequently asked questions

How do I delete my account?

Email us at to delete your account. We will remove all data associated with your account within 3-5 business days.

Where do you get the peer data from?

All your finances are compared with anonymous survey data from people like you. Our platform has data from over 100k people that gets analyzed and transformed based on your demographics. We compiled the data from several government sponsored surveys and our own anonymous questionnaires.

How do you connect to my bank?

We use Plaid to obtain read-only access to your bank accounts. We never store any of your financial account information on our servers. Yodlee handles all of the security requirements to pull in your transactions and account balances.

What is my Budge Score?

Score is your financial health at a glance. The overall rating is based on your performance in 4 key financial factors: Spend, Save, Debt, and Plan. These health factors allow you to quickly assess how you are doing in important personal finance areas. All ratings are determined by how your data compares with people of similar age, income, location and cost of living. This means your score is tailored to where you are in your financial journey. Note: We never use your data or any of our customers for rankings. All comparison data is derived from anonymous survey data and machine learning. A high score means you are more financially stable than people at similar stages in their lives. You are likely spending more responsibly, have an emergency fund to survive financial shocks, aren't overburdened with debt, and are making progress on long-term financial goals. A lower score means you're earlier in your journey. Fear not - Budge is here to help you on your way. We all start at Spend but we grow financially with each small step in the journey.

What is a good score?

The Budge score is based on your percentile in your peer group. In other words, 2.5 stats means that you are in the 50th percentile of people like you. Anything above that rating is great! If you happen to fall below the median, the good news is we provide insight on the factors that hurt you the most along with tips to help you improve!

My categorization seems off, how do I fix it?

We built an automated categorization engine that helps us identify your transactions. Unfortunately, there are limitations when Plaid syncs your data, which can cause some of the categories to be incorrect. We suggest that you check your transactions every couple of days to ensure that they are accurate. If any transaction is wrong, you can manually change it in the transaction feed and all of your data will sync up accordingly.

There was an error when linking my bank account to Budge, how do I connect it?

Please send an email to and we will make sure it gets resolved within 2 days!

Do you share my personal data?

Never! Medean will never share any of your personal data, including bank accounts, demographics, transactions, balances, and scores. All of your data is stored securely with multi-factor authentication. Learn more about security here